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Some of my biggest inspirations are other talented producers I look up to, such as: Nujabes, J Dilla, Kanye West, IAmNobodi, Gravez, J-Louis, J.Robb & Monte Booker. They all inspire me in different ways and for different reasons - which is evident in my music. Nujabes inspires me because of the storytelling in his music, and the way his music captures you and takes you on a journey. J Dilla does the same, but the bounce and soul in his music inspires most producers and musicians. Kanye West's sampling and genuis production speaks for itself and has been an inspiration for me in how I approach sampling and producing. IAmNobodi, Gravez, J-Louis, J.Robb and Monte Booker are producers I listened to a lot of when I first started producing and have been a fan of a lot of their work ever since. They are renowned producers in the industry that all have their own unique individual styles that have inspired me in many ways as I have progressed and developed my own sound. I have taken notes from all of these producers and still continue to learn every day from them and more.


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