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T.G. is a California-based label rekindling the community and authenticity of 90s Hip Hop, R&B, and street culture. With the rise of Youtube livestreams, spotify playlists, and "laid-back-listening", music has lost what originally made it special- the soul. Our commitment to social responsibility is a driving force behind our mission. Our goal is to create a profound connection with our audience, inviting them to reflect on the world around them while immersing themselves in the transformative power of music, rather than simply consuming it.

We are dedicated to preserving the authentic voice of Hip Hop and street culture by embracing the raw, unfiltered narratives that emerge from these communities. We understand that the soul and essence of Hip Hop lie in the freedom of expression.

To support raw music without solely relying on controversial narratives, we encourage our artists to explore diverse topics, emotions, and experiences in their work. Showcasing the full spectrum of human emotions and situations, from struggle and resilience to joy and celebration, allows us to reflect the multifaceted nature of Hip Hop culture. We empower our artists to engage with complex social issues in their music, inspiring reflection, conversation, and change, rather than merely perpetuating negative stereotypes. By doing so, we contribute to the advancement of the culture while promoting a more inclusive and nuanced understanding of Hip Hop and street communities

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